A Taste of Hawaii

Hawaiian Style Plate Lunches

At Aloha Hawaiian BBQ - Eastside, our motto is "Be Aloha! Live Aloha!"


When you search the meaning of "aloha", you'll find it is much more than a simple greeting. It is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy.


Here are 5 ways to live with aloha, every day:


1. Value and spend time in nature. 

2. Live in the present moment -- and appreciate it.

3. Cultivate meaningful connections. 

4. Choose to see the good. 

5. Love always.


We are dedicated to serving our Ohana (family) with Aloha and strive to provide the best taste of the Hawaiian Plate Lunch possible on the mainland. Our portions are as large as our desires, and even though we’re a small restaurant, there is nothing small about our service and quality.

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1831 N Zaragoza Rd

El Paso, TX 79936


Sun - Sat: 12pm - 8pm

​​Closed Mondays


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